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[sticky post] // Friends Only...


Friends Only.
Comment to be added.

- Kris

// Introduction of Sorts (public)

It is disconcerting to write about myself in a manner of introduction. When I meet new people in person, it also eludes me as to what I should mention about myself or not. I’ve kept a livejournal in the past, but decided it was time for a fresh start.

I deal w/ ADHD, manic depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, insomnia + a touch of PTSD (due to recent events). I don’t talk about these much, except for the anxiety + PTSD since I’m trying to work through it all. Despite the social anxiety, I am able to get comfortable w/ others after some point when the paranoia leaves. It’s definitely residual effects of being stabbed in the back by those I’ve trusted in the past, so I am extremely wary, but hold onto the true friends fiercely. I’ve made two friends through livejournal that have been life long ones too. One actually wound up moving to Texas + doesn’t live far from me.

I am 32 years old, living in an apartment in Dallas, Texas w/ my boyfriend Jared, who is eight years younger than me. I don’t appear to be my age physically thanks to good genes + anti-aging products. I change how I look every few months + am like a chameleon. We have two cats; Door + Toby. We lost the youngest cat, Pyewacket, during an apartment move + are still searching for her three months later. I still hold out hope in finding her.

In my free time I like hanging out w/ my friends (when anxiety isn't holding court), draw, write, do arts + crafts, listen to vinyl records, read + spend time w/ my boyfriend.

My family lives in Colorado, but I visit at least three times a year. I have my parents + three siblings; Kevin (married to Callie, nephew Kegan), Elisha (w/ niece Lilly) + Leah (married to Jason, nieces Belle + Miera). My closet friends are Cat, Sally, Victoria, Tanner, Moriah + Becca. I am trying to make new friends, so that will be a part of the journey. Sometimes my musician friends roll through town, but it is rare.

I have a few of my short pieces published in print anthologies, but plan on doing more. It isn’t as easy as it seems to set about writing a short story, novel or novella. I am working on several projects on + off. Sometimes I produce was I fondly call ‘word vomit’ since I do not consider myself to be a poet of any sorts. It just happens to be what flows out w/o my thinking too much into it. I’m not sure where any of the words come from, that is what baffles me the most about writing. I have had a very broad imagination since I was a little girl. When my mother tried to punish me by sticking me in the corner, I would come up w/ ideas for stories + more. If my parents tried to take away television or music, it didn’t effect me too much since I’ve been a bookworm from the first grade.

My taste in music is all over the board. I listen to select country (Crystal Gayle, older selections + rarely 90’s country), classical, blues, punk, gothic rock, select metal, EBM (not EDM), industrial, 80’s + more. If you’re curious take a peek at my last.fm profile. Lately, I’ve fallen back into my 80’s + 90’s classic goth music b/c it’s soothing to me.

As for television, I watch a huge variety of things, but prefer the darker, more raw shows. My current favorites are Preacher, Outcast, Forensic Files, Ash v.s. the Evil Dead, American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Ozark, Rick and Morty, Schitt’s Creek, House, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Glitch + actually a few more I can’t think of at this time.

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